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Alaukhanov Yesbergen Orazovich, a well-known Kazakhstan scientist in the sphere of criminal law and criminology, was born on May 19, 1958 . He began to work in 1976 as a check-man of the tractor station of the Krasnaya Zvesda state farm of Zhanakorgan district of Kyzylorda oblast.

Y.O. Alaukhanov is a graduate of the Tashkent State University, the graduate school of the Saratov Higher Police School of the USSR MIA and the Faculty of Economics of the Kazakh-Turkish International University.

From 1981 till 2004 he worked in the RK law enforcement authorities: secretary of judicial session of the Saryagash district court, RDIA investigation officer, advisor of the RK Minister of Justice, President of the Sounthern-Kazakhstan Oblast Court, Head of the Financial Police Department for Eastern-Kazakhstan oblast, Head of the Financial Police Department for Mangystau oblast, Colonel of Police.

Alaukhanov Yesbergen Orazovich is a member of the RK Union of Journalists and Writers, award winner of the RK Union of Journalists, (1995), awarded with the rank Honored Worker of Culture (2004), member of the Saint Petersburg Club of Criminology, Prize winner of the Kazakhstan Criminological Association Criminologist 2006, Professor Emeritus of the Kazakhstan Criminological Association as of October 19, 2007. Awarded with state and public awards.

On November 16, 2000 the all-republic scientific and practical conference Fight against Corruption and Problems of the Legislation was held under the direction of Y.O. Alaukhanov on the basis of the Justice Department of Western-Kazakhstan oblast.

In 2004, in the Kazakh National University named after Al-Farabi Y.O. Alaukhanov defended the doctoral dissertation on the theme Criminological Problems of Preventing Violent and Lucrative Crimes. In 2005 Y.O. Alaukhanov was honored with the academic rank professor. The sphere of scientific research: thefts and violent-lucrative crimes, fighting against corruption.

Several times Y.O. Alaukhanov acted as an official opponent n candidate and doctoral dissertations. In 2006-2007 years he was the chairman of the Dissertation Council under the RK MIA Academy on the defense of candidate and doctoral dissertations on specialties 12.00.08 and 12.00.09. From 2008 he is an academic secretary of the RK MIA Academy. He is also a Member of the Dissertation Council of the Kazakh National University named after Al-Farabi and the Dissertation Council of Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic University named after B.N. Eltsin.

Y.O. Alaukhanov is the author of more than 250 scientific works (more than 300 printers sheets), including 20 books written by him only. More than 53 books, monographs, text books were published under the editorship of Y.O. Alaukhanov. He is also a co-author of scientific and practical comments to the RK Criminal Code. Many of his scientific articles were published in scientific periodicals of the Moscow State University named after M. Lomonosov and Moscow Law Academy.

In 2005, in Saint Petersburg Y.O. Alaukhanov published the monograph Criminological Problems of Prevention of Lucrative and Violent Crimes. He was the first in Kazakhstan who prepared and published the text book Criminology in the Russian and Kazakh languages. The following scientific works by Y.O. Alaukhanov are widely known among the academic community: monographs and textbooks: Criminal Code of Kazakhstan. What is it going to be? (1994); Classification of Thefts Committed Using Forged Documents (1995); Legal Problems of Fighting against Extortion (1997), Crime Prevention (2008), Fighting against Corruption in the RK State Bodies (2008), Criminal Violence against Women (2008); Y.O. Alaukhanov is the executive editor of the comment to the RK Criminal Code in the Kazakh language (2008), Problems of Fighting against Corruption (2008) in Kazakh, Legal Aspects of the Anticorruption Policy in the sphere of reinforcing the State (2008).

Y.O. Alaukhanov has prepared more than ten candidates and doctors of Law. At present, he is a scientific tutor of seekers, postgraduates, doctoral candidates.

From 2006 he has been working as a professor of the department of criminal and legal policy and criminology of the RK MIA Academy. From 2005 he is the Chief Editor of the international journal The Scientific World of Kazakhstan. From 2008 he is the Head of the Judicial Power and Criminal Procedure Department of the Kazakh National University, named after Al-Farabi.

Vice President of the Kazakhstan Criminological Association.

E-mail: doctor.u@mail.ru
Mob. +7 701 111 8828

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